Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The following information was provided by Saron Mack. She has found some very interesting links that may be helpful to you. Many thanks Saron!
In Czech: http://baracnici.sweb.cz/kroje.htm - detailed descriptions of regional kroje with pictures of some kroje
In English: http://www.czechgallery.com/krojmap/index.html - interactive map of Czechoslovakian kroje with pictures of some kroje
In English and Czech: http://sechtl-vosecek.ucw.cz/cml/dir/garb.html - photo gallery of historical kroje from various regions, mostly Taborsky/Kozacky, Blatsky, Chotoviny, and some from southeastern Bohemia (near Brno)
In Czech: http://www.muzeumcb.cz/cz/?clanek=164 - brief explainations of kroj and variations between old and new stylesI've also found several books (but have not yet been able to purchase any of them.
In Czech Republic (requires a bank transfer to purchase books): http://www.digibooks.cz/store/digibooks_cz/Output/index.htm (titles available: Lidové kroje v Československu, Československé lidové kroje, Naše lidové kroje, Československé lidové hračky, Slovenské lidové výšivky, Slovenský ĺudový textil, Výšivka a zdobení lidového kroje)-
In Czech Republic: http://www.arara.cz/t/product.php?id=139251 - Lidové kroje z České republiky-
In Czech Republic: http://knihy.abz.cz/prodej/ceske-a-slovenske-lidove-kroje - České a slovenské lidové kroje-
In USA: http://stores.czechgifts.org/StoreFront.bok (titles available: Czech, Moravian and Slovak Traditional Costumes Coloring Book, Czech, Moravian and Slovak Traditional Costumes Paper Dolls, Czechoslovak Culture, Recipes, History and Folk Arts, Folk Costumes of the World)-
In Czech Republic: Lidový kroj na Vsetínsku by Eva Urbachová (but couldn't find a site that sells it directly via internet)
Kroj material from CZ: http://www.kroje.cz/materialy.htm - all kinds of material for different parts of kroje
Here is a neat site with a nativity set featuring Czech kroje: http://www.czechgallery.com/crib/index.html. I remember having a paper (like very elaborate cardboard) nativity set from Bohemia as a child, but it was unfortunately eaten by mice and is no more.
I found another link which goes to a museum of kroje, kroje for sale, and other interesting information about Czech and Slovakian kroje:


Mary said...

Hi, Sharon,

Do you have any idea of where I could buy a Kroje outfit for my father? I've got a wedding coming up in 8 weeks. It's Renaissance-themed, cross-cultural, and my dad's heritage is 100% Slovak (and he's stubborn and doesn't want to dress up), so I thought it might be something he'd be interested in, if we could find it for him...


Sharon Middlebrook said...

Hi Christy. Good to hear from you. The only person I know who makes Czech and Slovak costumes for sale is Maggie Grmela. She lives in West, Texas and works out of her house. You can reach her at 254-826-5189. She is a real artist on kroje. Hope this helps. Sharon