Tuesday, May 7, 2013

West Must Be Doing Something Right...

Last night I went with my sister, Becky, and her family to see their house one last time before it is bulldozed. I hadn't seen the house since the night of the fertilizer plant explosion, April 17, 2013. As we carefully walked through the debris that was once their happy home it was hard to keep our emotions in check, so we didn't. As I looked at the couch where little niece, Ally, sat, I could do nothing but thank God that she survived...without a scratch. The couch was covered with glass, bits of ceiling, sheet rock and insulation...but little Ally is ok. After shedding a few tears, hugs and smiles we took a few pictures, gave it the official "clap" (applause) for keeping the family safe, said good bye...and drove away.

Before going home we drove through a nearby neighborhood and saw a good friend. This dear friend (a teacher at West Elementary) visited with us for a bit. We did what everyone in West, Texas,

is doing now when we see each...thank God for all the survivors. Then she told us that the first day back at school the faculty and staff let the children of West express their emotions...drawing, writing, talking...whatever they need to do. The teachers were amazed. Most of the students looked past the explosion. Past the blast. Past the loss and instead focused on the blessings this town is witnessing. So very many of the dear children of West are focusing their attention on "God bless West" and the love, support and generosity surrounding this dear little town so many of us call home.

I have to think that we must be doing something right as a town when our children can see God's blessings in the midst of this tragedy.

Out of the mouths of babes...God blesses West.