Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Progress on the Hanacky Apron

You will notice in the last few posts that I am working on another apron for Sarah's Hanacky kroj (Czech costume). The first one was nice but just needed more embroidery. SO, the one I am making now is taking much longer...I am taking my time. I found a great embroidery hot iron transfer that looks Czech. The design is from Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers, #3759 Blue Onion Motifs. Our local fabric store, JoAnn's fabrics carry an assortment of these brand of transfers. So far I have completed the larger design (see photo) along the bottom of the apron. I then did a very simple three line scallop that will create a border for a smaller design that matches the first. After completing this row, I will top with another three line scallop, then invert the original bottom design. I will continue to post photos. You will notice small dots around the center of the bottom design. (Click on photo to enlarge.) I am not sure how I want to do those so I am waiting until I near completion. I use use french knots, beads, sequins or crystals. I will decide later.

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