Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Are Not "Two-Percenters"

Sorry for the weird title. But, I know Texas Aggies will know what a "two-percenter" is. But for all of the rest of you, a "two-percenter" is an Aggie who does not participate in Aggie Traditions. For this post, I use this term for those who just "wear" Czech costumes as opposed to those who like to "showcase" a Czech costume (kroj). When you showcase a kroj, you have it at its very best from the tips of your toes to the top of the flowers or cap on your head. For us, that means first things first...the petticoats.

A kroj (authentic or Americanized) will not look its best unless the petticoats are prepared. Yes, petticoats! Plural. Most Czech costumes need multiple, starched petticoats to stand out as they should. SO, as we get ready for Czech Days in Wilber, Nebraska, and Westfest in West, Texas, the first thing we do is clean and starch the petticoats. My motto is if the petticoats cannot stand up on their own, they need more starch!!

So, don't be a "two-percenter" and if you have Czech costumes, don't just wear them SHOWCASE them.

More posts and pictures coming soon.

Thanks for your patience.



j.a. said...

Dear Sharon,
i just came across your wonderful blog, as I was looking for some pictures of the kroj and I love it! I am Czech (or actually Moravian), I was born in Kyjov and I'm really interested in the local traditions, even though I am no expert myself. It's really nice to see how these traditions are kept and treasured so far away, in the USA. I certainly would love to follow your future posts, as you are doing a great job!
Best regards,
Petra Travnikova, Brno, Czech Republic

Sharon Middlebrook said...

Thanks for your kind comment. I haven't posted often lately. (See previous posts for explanation.) But I will try to do better. We have some Czech festivals coming up so I will be sure and post pictures! And I love to get comments, pictures and articles from readers. I'm certainly no expert so I love hearing from others. All the best from the great (and very hot) state of Texas. Sharon