Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Which Kroj Should I Wear? Vote on Facebook

The Miss Texas Czech Slovak Queen will be selected this weekend in my hometown, West, Texas. I have never worn one of my kroj creations but am thinking I may. I need your help, please vote on the costume you think I should wear. These are photos of my daughter, Sarah, in the kroje. To vote, log on to or click on the Facebook icon on the right before the end of the day Friday,April 27, 2012. Thanks!


ANETA said...

Hello,would be possible to rent one of these dresses please?? Thank you, aneta


Sharon Middlebrook Mena said...

Hi Aneta, I would consider renting the first costume (red/orange vest with green skirt) for appropriate compensation in case of damage or loss. As you can imagine, the hand embroidered authentic costumes took over 2600 to create so I am unable to loan those out.