Sunday, February 28, 2010

Transfer Design for Kyjov Costume Blouse

While my latest piece(apron for Hanacky kroj) is at the cleaners, I am working on a new project. I have a copy of the embroidery design that I used for a blouse for my daughter several years ago. The copy is not in very good shape because I used it to transfer the design to the material so I am tracing the design on to vellum (semi-transparent paper) that I can scan in to the computer. My hope is to save this priceless design so that others can use it and, who knows, maybe I will use it again sometime.

By the way, the Hanacky apron I am working on is nearing completion. So far I have been working on it about 11 months and I think I still want to do a little more work on it. I am always anxious to get a piece pressed at the cleaners and when I get it back I will post pictures.

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