Thursday, January 19, 2012

THE Dress - Conclusion

Well, as you might have guessed by now. We finished THE dress. The bride and groom were radiant and I was beaming with pride. As the doors of the church sanctuary opened, I turned to look at Kevin. The look on his face was priceless. As Sarah, escorted by her brother Eddie, started down the aisle I could not help but think how proud her father would be. But then I remembered I had a part to do. As Eddie and Sarah stopped beside my pew, Sarah took my arm as Eddie stepped up to the pulpit. Eddie, a licensed Minister since 2005, had 3 years earlier officiated at Katy's wedding and now readied himself to perform the ceremony for Sarah and Kevin.

Eddie escorted Sarah in to the sanctuary to non-traditional music for a bride's entrance. Sarah and her Dad had a favorite song that they often listened to together. "When We Say Nothing at All" by Allison Krause. It is a beautiful song and just another special way she could have her Dad with her.

Kevin stepped down the steps to meet Sarah and I and waited until Eddie asked “who gives this bride.” The week before, I pondered how I could answer that question. I know if Ed were with us, he would be giving Sarah away. He would be so proud of her choice in Kevin. He would have loved to be here and say “her mother and I do.” So, after giving it much thought, my only response could be, “for her father and I, I do.”

Sarah took Kevin's arm and I sat down. They stepped up the steps to where Eddie was waiting. The ceremony was lovely. A friend of Kevin, Mark Marksteller, delivered a special message to the bride and groom. Words of wisdom for them to live by. It was perfect. My Dad, Joe Hill, performed a solo as he had done in every family wedding since 1977. A very special moment for our family. Also, performing a solo was Sarah's 9-year-old cousin, Audrey Holloman. She did a beautiful job and we are so proud of her.

Something old: her great-grandmother's handkerchief tucked in her bouquet. Something new: jewelry and a charm that Sarah's sister-in-law, Amanda, made her with a photo of her Dad. Something borrowed: veil from Sarah's sister, Katy, and I loaned her a sapphire ring that every bride in the family has worn for more than 30 years. Something blue: a very special heart inside her dress with her Dad's photo.

And a new one, something unforgettable: THE dress.

Wedding photos by Freeze Frame Time Photography.

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Marica said...

Wow, what a beautiful dress! And I pray that the newlyweds have a blessed and wonderful marriage!