Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Americanized Costumes

Sarah is pictured with the West High School Junior Historians at the Texas State Capitol in 2006. The Jr. Historians are a Czech Dance group at West High School. They perform all over Texas. The group usually has over 100 members. Their beautiful Americanized costumes are truly spectacular when they dance.
This is the Czech costume that we had made for Sarah when she was in the Jr. Historians in high school. It was created by Maggie Grmela.

I made this very simple costume for Sarah. She wanted something to wear to a Christmas party of our Czech Heritage Society, made of red and green.

Sarah is pictured with renowned Czech costume designer, Maggie Grmela, of West. Her website is http://www.maggiesfabricpatch.com/

This beautiful little princess is wearing a kroj made by Maggie Grmela.

2007 Miss Texas Czech-Slovak, Marianne Beran, in her beautiful kroj created by Maggie Grmela.

Maggie Grmela made a beautiful dance costume for Sarah's ballet dance at the Miss Czech-Slovak USA Pageant in Wilber, NE in 2006.

Sarah is pictured with the Oklahoma state Czech Queen in her beautiful Americanized kroj.

Sarah and her cousin, Lindsay. Lindsay's kroj was made by Maggie Grmela. I made Sarah's vest and skirt.

Sarah is pictured with Marie Van Pelt, 2006 Miss West.


Tomas said...

Hi everyone. Im from Czech Republic - Moravia - Walachia side.
Im very very impresed with you guyes. Im happy that you keep traditions on the new continent.
I hope you also make good slivovica there. Im sending a lots of greatings and keep doing it!
Its funny. My wife is American, and we are living in Denmark, but she is going to have one kroj, so one Walachian more :)
I wanted send you picture of my kroj, which is from Brumov - Bylnice, but I coulden to attach to this email :(
Take care

PS:sorry for my english. I never study it in the school.

Sharon Middlebrook said...

Hello Tomas,
Thanks for sharing your kind comment. I would love to see your costume. My email is
Merry Christmas! Sharon Middlebrook.