Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to get started??

When Sarah was the Miss Czech Slovak USA Queen in 2006, she was fortunate to have an authentic, antique Moravian kroj to wear. However, as the year became more and more memorable for Sarah I realized that she would soon be returning the kroj to her sponsor, the McLennan-Hill Czech Heritage Society. (http://www.czechheritage.org/) So I began to consider making a reproduction of this beautiful costume. I began with the skirt, the easiest piece to reproduce. I just happen to have a piece of red fabric the perfect size (about 4 yds long x length).
I found an iron-on embroidery transfer that looked similar to the one on the authentic skirt and transferred it to the fabric. I finished the skirt with a stiff fabric liner and ribbon trim from the Czech Republic. The skirt is wrapped around the waist and the ties are tucked in to the belt.

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