Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wallachian Kroj

I chose a very simple iron-on transfer design for the sleeves of Sarah's blouse.

I used an edging design and cut it so it would fit around the bottom of the sleeve.

I used this McCall's pattern and shortened the sleeves.

Sarah is pictured with Willie and Joyce Bohuslav is their beautiful kroj.

Sarah is pictured here with members of Radhost, a musical group from the Czech Republic.

These are the ladies of the Radhost group.

This is Sarah pictured with Marianne Beran, 2007 Miss Texas Czech-Slovak Queen. Sarah is wearing the vest and skirt I made with a plain white blouse.

Sarah is pictured with her Little Czech Sister from Wilber, NE. Sheyenne's kroj was made by Maggie Grmela. Sarah is wearing the kroj I made. Complete description is below.

The first kroj I made was the Vallachian or Wallachian. The description for this kroj is as follows:

Sarah is wearing a women’s Valachian costume. This costume is typical of the Vallasky Region (Kraj-pronounced Kry). The Valasky Region was made up of Romanians that left Russia and immigrated to the Czech Republic. The Valachians are considered mountain people and sheep herders. Their costumes were simple and practical. Sarah’s costume was made for her by her mother.
The blue apron (fěrtoch) is made from a cloth called blueprint. This cloth is hand printed in Valachia in a small workshop by an original technique. The apron is worn over a white skirt (kasanka) made of cotton. The skirt is edged with fine white ribbon from the Czech Republic.
Sarah’s blouse (rukávce) is made of white cotton and is ornamented by blue delicate hand embroidery typical of the region. Sarah accents her kroj with a necklace made of porcelain from the Czech Republic. This necklace was a gift for attending the Florida state pageant.
You will notice that Sarah’s bodice (šněrovačka) is made of burgundy velour and is trimmed with green ribbon from the Czech Republic. The green trim was a gift from a lady Sarah met at the Folklife Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Sarah accents her costume with an embroidered handkerchief that is a keepsake from last year’s pageant. Her handkerchief says hodně štěsti which means “good luck” in Czech. And as any good shepherd, Sarah carries a whistle. Sarah’s whistle was hand carved from Vladamir Klimes, a folk artist from the Czech Republic, and was a gift to her during a recent visit to Texas.
Sarah completes her costume with flat brown shoes and white tights, similar to the leather shoes and woolen socks worn by the Valasky people.

The blue fabric is hand-blocked from the Czech Republic. I purchased it from Maggie Grmela.

I mitered the corner of the blue skirt to give it a more finished look.

The beautiful white-on-white trim is from the Czech Republic. I purchased it from Maggie Grmela of Czech Costume Designs.

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