Monday, August 18, 2008

"Puffy" Sleeves for Kyjov Blouse

If you have a Kyjov blouse, you may notice that after years of wear the sleeves lose their 'puffi-ness'. This is easy to fix. Most of these type of sleeves have a pocket of stuffing that can begin to get flat over time. If this happens to you, you can open the pocket and add more stuffing or make a new pocket. Either way will add to beauty and appeal to your costume. How to describe this...well, make a pocket out of a rectangle of white fabric and a rectangle of net/tulle. The pocket I made for Sarah's costume is 34" long and 9 1/2" high. The top of the pocket is gathered to 14" long. I stuffed it with net/tulle. Once completed, the pocket is pinned along the seam (see photos).

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