Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Share Your Kroj

Antique, authentic kroj are priceless. Many are displayed in museums but to truly enjoy these beautiful costumes, they can best be appreciated when worn, especially by young ladies learning more about their heritage. We are members of the McLennan-Hill Czech Heritage Society. When Sarah was competing for Czech Queen, a very special lady, Henrietta Cervenka, loaned Sarah this exquisite costume to wear. She encouraged Sarah to wear it as much as possible, and Sarah did. In August 2006 at the Miss Czech-Slovak USA Pageant she won the Authentic Kroj competition. We were very excited and grateful to Mrs. Cervenka. Sadly, she passed away a few months after the competition. It was Mrs. Cervenka's wish that this kroj continue to be worn as much as possible for all to see. This beautiful kroj now belongs to the McLennan-Hill Czech Heritage Society and will continue to be worn by the chapter queen. Sarah remembered this very special lady by having monogrammed on her sash - "In Memory of Henrietta Cervenka." Sarah wore this beautiful costume many, many times as queen.

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