Thursday, August 7, 2008

Making the Apron for the Kyjov Kroj

I used black polished cotton for the apron. I selected a small stencil to use for the background design. Use fabric paint and follow the directions, you may need to wash the fabric first. Sarah and I have heard that in the Czech Republic young girls would embroider their aprons. They would start on the bottom row. This row is usually smaller, simpler designs. The next row, the designs get a little larger and more elaborate. I used iron-on embroidery transfers and transferred them to the fabric by tracing with white tracing paper. Only do a small area at a time because the white tracing design will rub off quickly. So far, I have only completed two rows of flowers on the apron but it is enough for Sarah to wear it. Our plans are to make the third row with Texas flowers: yellow roses, bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes. The horizonal lines are made by crocheting a simple chain stitch. The apron is tied with very simple flat cord. The ties of the apron are not designed to show, they are tucked in to the apron and covered with an elaborate ribbon belt.

As I finished the second row of flowers, I decided to put Sarah's initials worked in to the design. I traced an S and an M on to the fabric. When I removed the tracing paper I noticed the vine of the morning glory formed a C but this was perfect because Sarah's middle name is Christine.

Sarah has really learned a lot about the costume by helping me finish it. She loves to show it off and talk about it.


lorrey said...

Beautiful...this information is very helpful..Our Czech Club is getting ready to make costumes for 21...Do you know where we can find more pattern information? We need patterns for mens shirts and pants

Sharon Middlebrook said...

I am sorry but I have not found any patterns specifically for Czech Costumes. What I have been doing is selecting a pattern as close to the design as possible and making adjustments as needed. On the Kyjov blouse the pattern is very similiar. I only had to cut the sleeve pattern in half and add the desired amount for fullness. I suggest you keep all of your adjustments and notes for future reference. I do have a great contact for beautiful Czech ribbons and trims...Maggie Grmela. Her website is would love to hear more about your Czech Club. Feel free to leave posts here. Best of luck.

CAHEK said...

DMC has an old book of Czech-Slovak embroidery patterns that is often available on eBay or through used book stores. I'd also suggest something like the GOODWILL BOOK store as that's where I found my copy.

Also on eBay, there is a person who has scanned a number of these patterns and is offering them on a CD-ROM. You may wish to bid on these.

If you do a search on Czech, Bohemia or Moravia, you will often find books on embroidery patterns up for bid on eBay.

Also, there is a woman from Prague who does have kroj pieces up for bid on eBay. She has some things listed now and recently had a GORGEOUS apron from Kyjov up for bid.

Hope this helps....

Sharon Middlebrook said...

I was so excited that I found the DMC book. It has been a great addition to my designs. I check Ebay periodically but unfortunately most of the items are out of my price range...but I love to look to get ideas. Thanks for the tip. Sharon