Saturday, August 9, 2008

Newsletter of all things Czech

If you are Czech, or just interested in anything Czech. You will love The Dumpling Newsletter. The Dumpling Newsletter is an e-newsletter/website produced by a good friend of ours, Zora Pergl. This delightful lady puts together a newsletter full of Czech events, pictures and information. Not only does Zora produce a website; she puts together some of the best Czech trips you will find anywhere. My husband, Sarah and I were very fortunate to travel with Zora Pergl and Maggie & Ernest Grmela on an Alaska Polka Cruise last year. We had the best time of our life and can't wait to travel with them again. Be sure and sign up for her FREE newsletter, she will email you the new newsletter each week, you will love it! This picture is from the cruise, Sarah is pictured with Zora. Be sure and sign up for Zora's newsletter at
Maggie & Ernest Grmela lead the dance on the Alaskan Polka Cruise in May 2007.

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