Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to Wear a Kyjov Kroj Properly

Sarah has gotten a lot of help from Ludmilla Vaculik on the proper way to wear her kroj. Mrs. Vaculik is from the Czech Republic and now resides in West, Texas. Some tips to wearing a Kyjov kroj: 1. Two petticoats heavily starched. 2. The bottom of the apron should be even with the skirt. 3. Put heavy stiffener on the belt you wear around your waist. Sarah's has very, very stiff liner to the belt around her waist and ends just before the part that is used to tie the bow. This will help keep the belt from wrinkling and always looks nice. 4. Keep the vest pulled down so that the white blouse is hardly seen. 5. If you wear a scarf like Sarah is wearing, pin it to the sleeves to keep it in place. 6. The sleeves should be stuffed (these are stuffed with a light netting) and pushed up to the a few inches above the elbow. 7. The costume that Sarah wears, comes with a belt. The ends of the belt should be even, which is not that easy to do. But never fear, here is a tip. Keep a safety pin on the end of the belt (on the back). If one end is longer than the other, fold it under to make the ends even and pin it.

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