Monday, August 18, 2008

Here's a tip-Making a Sleeve for Your Costume

Pictured are: Ashley Sulak, 2008 Miss Texas Czech-Slovak Queen; Marianne Beran, 2007 Miss Texas Czech-Slovak Queen and Sarah Middlebrook, 2006 Miss USA Czech-Slovak Queen.

Most Czech costumes feature white cotton blouses with full sleeves. The sleeves are to be heavily starched and neatly pressed. This can be hard to do if your sleeves are finished at the bottom with a cuff. So if you are making your own blouse, keep this tip in mind. A good friend of mine, Maggie Grmela ( told me that instead of putting a cuff on the sleeves make a pocket and run elastic or ribbon through it and make it removable. I tried this and it works wonderfully. On Sarah's blouse I made a pocket made of hem tape along the inside of the blouse just above the bottom ruffle and put two button holes in it for the ribbon to run through. By doing this, I can loosen the ribbon all the way and the blouse can be starched and pressed to make for a more polished, crisp appearance. I leave the ribbon long enough to wrap around the arm and tie in a bow. Try this tip and you will be glad you did when it comes time to press your sleeves.

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