Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kroj from Hana

Well, I have started a new project...a reproduction of a kroj from the region of Hana. I have not found much information on it but here are a few pictures I found. The only description I found was:
Folk costumes from the Hana region are really magnificent and - thanks to their richness and embellishment - extraordinarily becoming. They reflect the calm nature of Hana's inhabitants as well as the affluence of this region. The costumes are extraordinarily elegant, with the white colour prevailing in women's garments. In contrast with other parts of Moravia, the skirts are longer and are supported by numerous pleated underskirts. As well as that they are adorned by a white embroidered apron. The most outstanding feature of the local women's garments is a richly pleated white ruffle dating from the Renaissance period, which stands in contrast with a specially tied red flowery headscarf.


CAHEK said...

There is currently listed on eBay, a book on the Hana region complete with photos and embroidery patterns.

Here is the link you may wish to chech out:

Hope this helps...

Sharon Middlebrook said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion. I will check it out. Sharon